Welcome!  Seeking help on your path toward peace, growth, and health is to be commended, and takes a bit of courage. 


I have a doctorate (PhD) in Clinical Psychology, am a licensed psychologist, and am board-certified in Clinical Psychology. I provide research-informed, individualized psychotherapy for adults.  My specialty is helping professional or other high-functioning individuals with issues around relationships, past traumas, procrastination, spirituality, substance overuse, or excess bodyweight.  Such folks often also have depression, anxiety, or phobias. I use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based therapies, Interpersonal therapy, Acceptance-based therapy (ACT), EMDR, exposure therapies, and hypnotic/imaginal therapies.   I'm very practical and direct in my approach.


In addition to psychotherapy, I provide trainings for professionals on a variety of topics.  I also provide clinical consultation/supervision to licensed mental health practitioners.  


Text me at 505.681.3925 or email me at dr.evelynsandeen@gmail.com and we can meet for a free, non-pressured consultation via telehealth or in personBe well!










evelyn sandeen, phd

board-certified in clinical psychology