I provide research-informed, individualized psychotherapy for adults.  Many of my clients are high-functioning people with issues stemming from childhood.  They often are struggling with overuse of substances, excess bodyweight, procrastination, anxiety, unhappiness, and/or meaning and relationship problems.  I use CBT, DBT, EMDR, ACT, mindfulness-based therapies and existential or interpersonal therapies, among others.


My usual fee is $150 per session.   If this presents a barrier for you, we can discuss fee adjustments or session timing when we meet for our free consultation session. 


Often, the way I work allows clients to benefit from a brief course of therapy.


I do not accept insurance payments directly, but if your insurance reimburses you for out-of-network provider care, I'll complete forms for you to give to your insurance company.


Some people choose not to use insurance for psychotherapy because of concerns about privacy, security clearance, or simply because preferred psychotherapy providers may not take insurance.


I offer appointments mainly Wednesday through Friday but can often be flexible to meet your needs.  I can provide either telehealth (video) or in-person sessions.



board-certified in clinical psychology

evelyn sandeen, phd